Well what a night had on Tuesday July 11th, WE dedicated it to the subject of selective licensing and had an audience in excess of 100 people, not just some of the biggest Landlords in the area but also Police, Accountants, Solicitors, Businessmen Tenants, chartered surveyors all concerned at the implications of the consequences if this scheme, currently in consultation, is given the green light by the Council. We had a panel of experts to address the room and a guest appearance by professor Starbuck who was appointed "Special advisor to the Thatcher Government on the Affordable Homes Initiative".
We also had advice from Gavin Dick of the NLA who has worked with various landlord groups from all over the Country, guiding them through the thorny issues of Selective licensing and the fighting thereof.
He instructed us in how we might avoid taking housing benefit tenants from the local Council and instead take then from out side the area form some of the larger councils like Westminster and Brent who are willing to pay large up front payments of up to £5000 and guaranty rents for two years. Which in the light of the current proposals did seem like an attractive option, Less attractive but nevertheless still an option was the idea of dedicating your property to a company who provides accommodation for ex-offenders which would render it ineligible for the selective license. We were also privileged to have Sam Jackson, from the NLCE (The National Landlords Code of Excellence ), who made a lot of sense telling us how she and her team beat the license proposal in North Somerset and set up the NLCE which is now being rolled out to other Council as a viable alternative to selective licensing. She also came with us the following day to demonstrate to Telford and Wrekin just why they did not need to license us.
We are constantly updating this information and will issue guidance to our members on the actions to take.

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 - 19:00 to 21:00