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The Annual membership fee is only £20.00.The organisation was originally set up in the mid 1990’s to represent private residential Landlords in the Telford and Wrekin area of Shropshire. The aim was to uphold the interests of Independent Landlords and tenants. Members range from beginners with just one property to Multi-Million pound portfolio holders with many years experience and now includes Private Landlords from many different areas of the country, although in the main, they mostly have some form of local property interest.

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Autumn 2017

October Quarterly Meeting

Our next quarterly meeting will be held on Tuesday October 10th from 7pm at the Oak Tree Centre in Lightmoor. With Universal credit set to be rolled out in full from July we'll have representatives come to discuss this. We'll also cover the changes in legislation to ensure you're all aware of the launch of the Rogues register.

The petition has been submitted!

A huge thank-you for all our members and their campaigning to get the petition ready for submission with over 1245 signatures. We presented at the Telford and Wrekin full council meeting. There can only be 3 public questions at a full council meeting and the WLA were able to get 2 into the docket - One from David Lovegrove who asked the question “It is easy to spend someone else’s money.


Thank you for taking time to support our campaign against the introduction of Selective Licensing in the Telford and Wrekin Area.

English Housing Survey is in

The 2015-2016 results are in from the English Housing Survey and as analysed by Landlord News tenants are more satisfied in the Private Rented Sector than with Social Landlords. See the full report here which includes the quote from Residential Landlords Association (RLA) Chairman Alan Ward “With only a very small minority of tenancies ended by a landlord or because of increased rent, it is time that those who suggest that landlords spend their time looking for ways to evict tenants or make profits at their expense replaced fear mongering with facts.”


Well what a night had on Tuesday July 11th, WE dedicated it to the subject of selective licensing and had an audience in excess of 100 people, not just some of the biggest Landlords in the area but also Police, Accountants, Solicitors, Businessmen Tenants, chartered surveyors all concerned at the implications of the consequences if this scheme, currently in consultation, is given the green light by the Council.

Spring 17

Selective Licensing in Telford Petition

It's a TAX on good landlords
Please sign our petition http://bit.ly/StopSLTelford
Rents will rise in Telford as a result of “badly thought out” council plans to licence a selection of landlords, say Wrekin Landlords Association.
It is “the final nail in the coffin” for fed up landlords with some vowing to sell up rather than pay the controversial licence fee, which they claim is “nothing but another tax,” they say.


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